OM Nightclub E MKII Set (3 Pce)

The ORTOFON OM Nightclub E MKII is a high-quality DJ cartridge that delivers exceptional sound quality and tracking performance. Designed for the demanding environment of nightclub DJing, this cartridge offers outstanding durability, reliability, and versatility.

The cartridge features a spherical stylus that provides excellent tracking ability, allowing you to deliver precise mixes and scratch with confidence. The robust design of the cartridge ensures that it can withstand the rigours of club DJing, with excellent resistance to skipping, wear, and tear.

The OM Nightclub E MKII also offers a high output level, providing you with ample volume for any venue. Its frequency response is optimised for dance music, delivering a warm, full-bodied sound that will get the crowd moving.

Overall, the ORTOFON OM Nightclub E MKII is an outstanding choice for club DJs looking for a reliable, high-performance cartridge that delivers exceptional sound quality and versatility. With its robust design, excellent tracking ability, and optimised frequency response, it is a must-have for any DJ serious about their craft.

  • Vinyl stylus designed for DJ’s
  • Special elliptical stylus
  • Special edition


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