The VESTAX PMC-500 is a high-quality DJ mixer that combines innovative technology with sleek design to deliver a truly unique mixing experience. With its intuitive layout and responsive controls, the PMC-500 is a versatile mixer that is perfect for both beginner and professional DJs alike.

The mixer features 4 channels, each with its own 3-band EQ, gain control, and a smooth crossfader, making it ideal for mixing multiple sources. The mixer also features a built-in effects processor with a variety of effects including delay, reverb, and filters. With its high-quality sound and precise performance, the PMC-500 is a versatile mixer that is perfect for any DJ setup. Whether you’re mixing for a party, a club, or a broadcast, the PMC-500 is a powerful tool that will help you create the perfect sound. With its rugged construction, the PMC-500 is built to last, making it an ideal mixer for any DJ who wants to take their mixing to the next level.


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