Concorde Scratch Set (3 Pce)

The ORTOFON Concorde Scratch is the ultimate cartridge for DJs and turntablists who demand the highest quality sound and precision performance. This cartridge has been specifically designed for scratch and back-cueing applications, and it delivers exceptional sound quality and excellent tracking ability.

The Concorde Scratch features a robust and durable spherical stylus that ensures excellent tracking even under the most demanding conditions. The stylus is also optimised for extended durability, making it ideal for frequent use and intense scratching.

The cartridge’s high output voltage provides superior sound quality with a clear and powerful sound, making it perfect for scratching and cutting in any club or performance venue. The Concorde Scratch also features a unique suspension system that helps reduce record wear and keep your vinyl collection in top condition.

Overall, the ORTOFON Concorde Scratch is the perfect cartridge for DJs and turntablists who demand the highest level of sound quality, durability, and performance. It is the ultimate tool for any serious scratch artist looking to take their skills to the next level.

  • Vinyl stylus designed for DJ’s
  • Spherical stylus
  • Designed for scratching


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