Concorde Nightclub MKII Cocoon (2 Pce)

The ORTOFON Concorde Nightclub MKII Cocoon is a high-quality DJ cartridge designed for professional DJs who demand the best performance and sound quality. With its sleek and stylish design, the Concorde Nightclub MKII Cocoon is built to last and offers a superior level of precision and accuracy.

The cartridge is engineered with a spherical stylus, which is ideal for DJs who play in loud and noisy environments. This feature ensures that the cartridge can handle high sound levels and still maintain its sound quality.

The Concorde Nightclub MKII Cocoon also features a robust design with a reinforced rubber suspension that reduces unwanted vibrations and feedback. This design allows the cartridge to track records with exceptional accuracy, even in the most challenging situations.

Whether you are a professional DJ, a club owner, or just a music enthusiast, the ORTOFON Concorde Nightclub MKII Cocoon is the perfect choice for your vinyl playback needs. Its superior sound quality, durability, and precision make it one of the best cartridges available in the market today. Upgrade your vinyl playback system with the Concorde Nightclub MKII Cocoon and enjoy your music like never before.

  • Vinyl stylus designed for DJ’s
  • Special elliptical stylus
  • Special edition


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