Introducing the Pioneer DJM-V10-LF, a revolution in mixing technology tailored for the discerning DJ. Engineered with precision and innovation, this mixer is the epitome of professional-grade performance, now with long faders for enhanced control and expression.

The DJM-V10-LF combines pristine audio quality with an extended low-frequency range, ensuring every beat resonates with power and clarity. Its 64-bit mixing processor and 32-bit A/D and D/A converters deliver uncompromising sound reproduction, while the newly added long faders provide unparalleled control over your mixes.

With six channels at your fingertips, the DJM-V10-LF offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly blend tracks, apply creative effects, and craft seamless transitions. Each channel features dedicated EQs and filters, empowering you to shape your sound with precision and finesse.

Designed for the modern DJ, the DJM-V10-LF boasts an intuitive layout with large, tactile controls and a vivid touchscreen display, ensuring seamless navigation and control over your music. Its robust build and durable components guarantee reliability, whether you’re performing on stage or in the studio.

Experience the future of mixing with the Pioneer DJM-V10-LF and unlock new levels of creativity and expression. Elevate your performances, redefine your sound, and set new standards with this groundbreaking mixer.

  • 6ch DJ mixer
  • 4-band EQ
  • Built-in compressors
  • Internal effects & filters
  • 3-band master isolator


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