X1850 Prime

The Denon X1850 Prime is a high-end DJ mixer that offers professional features and superior sound quality. It features 8 channels, each with 4-band EQ and filter controls, giving you full control over your mix. With a built-in USB sound card, you can easily record your performances and save them for later. The X1850 Prime also includes a built-in effects processor, with a range of effects including delay, reverb, and flanger to enhance your sound.

The mixer’s rugged construction and durable controls make it perfect for live performance. The knobs, buttons, and faders are all designed to withstand repeated use, ensuring the mixer will last for years to come.

The X1850 Prime is also equipped with advanced audio inputs, including balanced XLR inputs and stereo RCA inputs, as well as RCA outputs and a stereo XLR output. These inputs and outputs ensure that you can easily integrate your mixer with any other audio equipment you may have.

In conclusion, the Denon X1850 Prime is an exceptional DJ mixer that is perfect for the professional DJ who requires the very best.

  • 4ch DJ mixer
  • Integrated USB soundcard
  • Built-in filters & FX
  • 5-port LAN hub


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