Twelve MKII Deck Controller

The RANE Twelve MKII Deck Controller is the perfect addition to any DJ’s setup. This advanced controller offers DJs the ultimate level of control over their performance, giving them the ability to scratch, blend, and mix tracks with ease. The Twelve MKII features a high-torque motorised 12-inch platter, which is perfect for turntablists and scratch DJs. The platter also has an adjustable torque setting, allowing DJs to customise the feel of their performance.

In addition to the high-torque platter, the RANE Twelve MKII Deck Controller also features a host of other advanced features. The controller has a touch strip for navigating tracks, and eight hot cue triggers for on-the-fly performance. The Twelve MKII also includes a USB port, which allows DJs to connect their laptops and other devices, making it easy to access their music library.

Overall, the RANE Twelve MKII Deck Controller is a must-have for any DJ who wants the best possible control over their performance. With its advanced features and high-quality construction, this controller is sure to become a staple in any DJ’s setup. So, if you want to take your performance to the next level, be sure to check out the RANE Twelve MKII Deck Controller today!

  • USB Midi controller
  • True vinyl feeling
  • Multi-platform compatible


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