Ergonomic DJ Floor Mat - Center 0,7M

Introducing the Ergonomic DJ Floor Mat, the perfect solution for DJs who spend long hours standing behind their decks. This floor mat is designed to provide exceptional comfort, support and relief for your feet, legs and back, ensuring you can focus on your music without experiencing fatigue or discomfort.

Crafted with high-density foam, this mat delivers superior cushioning to alleviate pressure and prevent foot and leg strain. The mat’s non-slip bottom keeps it firmly in place while you spin, scratch and mix, eliminating any tripping hazards that may be present.

The Ergonomic DJ Floor Mat also features an ergonomic design that ensures a healthy posture, reduces spinal pressure and enhances circulation. This mat is perfect for DJs who spend long hours performing, recording or practicing in their home studio, club or live show.

  • High quality rubber
  • Against fatigue
  • Expendable to desired length


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