The PIONEER CDJ-3000 is the ultimate professional DJ deck that takes performance to the next level. With improved performance features, enhanced sound quality, and intuitive controls, this deck is designed to meet the needs of modern DJs.

The CDJ-3000 boasts a 9-inch high-resolution touch screen that provides fast and easy access to tracks, hot cues, loops, and waveform display. The advanced MPU and improved digital processing ensures that the deck responds faster and smoother than ever before.

One of the standout features of the CDJ-3000 is its advanced sound quality. The deck is equipped with a new audio design that delivers the highest-quality sound reproduction, whether you’re playing a compressed MP3 or a high-resolution WAV file.

The CDJ-3000 also offers intuitive controls that make it easy to perform creative and complex techniques. The new jog wheel technology provides the perfect amount of resistance, while the redesigned play/pause and cue buttons offer improved tactile feedback.

Overall, the PIONEER CDJ-3000 is the perfect choice for professional DJs who demand the highest levels of performance and sound quality. Its advanced features and intuitive controls make it the ultimate tool for creating and delivering unforgettable performances.

  • Digital DJ media player
  • USB & SD ports
  • Recordbox compatible


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