DJ Plexi Windshield Kit - 195cm - Clear

Introducing the Clear Plexi Wind Shield for DJs, the must-have accessory for any professional or aspiring DJ looking to elevate their performance to the next level.

Crafted from high-quality plexiglass, this durable wind shield is designed to protect your equipment from dust, debris, and most importantly, wind interference. With its crystal-clear transparency, you can now perform with confidence knowing that your audience can fully appreciate the visual aspects of your set without any obstructions.

Whether you’re performing in an outdoor event, a windy rooftop, or a beach party, the Clear Plexi Wind Shield provides the necessary protection to ensure that your music always sounds clear and uninterrupted.

With its high-quality materials and practical design, you can now perform with confidence, knowing that your equipment is always protected, and your audience is getting the best possible experience.

  • Protects against wind, rain and dust
  • Baseplate of 195cm x 70cm
  • Fits 3 plexi covers
  • Light weight


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