Venice 240

The MIDAS Venice 240 is an incredibly versatile and powerful mixing console that is designed to provide professional-level audio quality for a variety of applications. Whether you’re working in a live sound environment, a recording studio, or a broadcast studio, the Venice 240 has everything you need to create exceptional sound.

At the heart of the Venice 240 is a high-performance mixing engine that offers an impressive 48 mono and 4 stereo input channels, as well as a variety of routing and processing options. The console features four subgroups, four auxiliary sends, and two stereo returns, making it easy to create complex mixes and achieve the perfect balance of sound.

The Venice 240 also features MIDAS’ acclaimed preamps and EQs, which are renowned for their clarity and warmth. Whether you’re working with vocals, guitars, drums, or any other instrument, the Venice 240’s preamps and EQs will help you capture the full spectrum of sound with exceptional accuracy.

With its rugged construction, intuitive layout, and unparalleled sound quality, the MIDAS Venice 240 is the perfect mixing console for any professional audio application.

  • 24ch analogue mixer
  • 6 aux sends
  • 3-band EQ


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