The MACKIE 1202-VLZ4 is a compact mixer designed to provide high-quality audio mixing for small and mid-sized venues. It features twelve channels, each with a low-noise, high-headroom design, and the ability to handle a wide range of audio sources.

This mixer is built to last, with a rugged steel chassis and high-quality components that ensure durability and reliability. It also features a high-pass filter on each channel, which helps to eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise, and an onboard compression circuit that helps to control peaks and prevent clipping.

The MACKIE 1202-VLZ4 also includes a range of useful features, such as phantom power for condenser microphones, dedicated stereo inputs for keyboards and other stereo sources, and a 2-track input for playing back audio from external devices.

Overall, the MACKIE 1202-VLZ4 is a versatile and reliable mixer that provides high-quality audio mixing in a compact and durable package.

  • 12ch analogue mixer
  • 2 aux sends
  • 3-band EQ


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