Kick bv. | Backline Rental in Belgium and Europe


From full Marshall walls to Rolling Risers. We provide full staging and backline for Belgium's heaviest festivals and loudest venues!



Kick bv. is Belgium's biggest and most experienced backline rental service. With over 35 years of experience and know-how Kick bv. is among the few market leaders in Europe. We supply all kinds of musical instruments to everyone from the largest festivals to the smallest venues, from broadcast to recording studios, from touring artists to local acts.

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Our extensive array of musical instruments ranges from the newest technologies to a vintage vault collection that caters to any music genre you can think off. Our catalogue consists of professional guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, synths, pianos, dj-gear, orchestral instruments and much more. We can supply carpeted rolling risers of varying sizes as well as side skirts.

We can provide custom solutions for a complete backline and stage setup tailored to your production, tour or event.


Our team of veteran technicians are a key component to completing the Kick bv. experience for our customers. Our team understands that when you build a business on servicing the largest festivals in the world, failure is not an option. We control every aspect of the job and communicate with the customer and others to ensure success on all levels.

It’s the difference in renting backline, or hiring Kick bv.

Music is our heart


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