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Allen& Heath X:one 96
Allen & Heath's newest addition to the X:one family is the long awaited successor to the indestructible X:one 92.
Even though Allen & Heath introduced some novelty mixers like the X:one DB4 and X:one PX5. The 92 , introduced in 2003, remained the to-go-to mixer for a large group of dj's who don't feel at home on a DJM or prefer a comprehensive integration of external inputs like a computer or instrument.
With the new X:one 96 Allen & Heath caters to both dj's using turntables / media players. and those running laptops, soundcards, drum computers and synths.
Besides a complete overhaul for the foundations of the mixer, the X:one96 sports an integrated 32-bit USB soundcard able to run 24 channels.
The mixer was tried and tested before release by some big name dj's like Adam Beyer, Maceo Plex, Recondite and Dax J.
Expect to see this one pop up in riders the following months.