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Kick APS is Belgium’s biggest and most experienced backline rental service. We supply  gear and crew for large festivals like Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter, Graspop and Tomorrowland, but just as well we are dedicated to support hundreds of club concerts, events, tours, TV and recording studio sessions, all over Europe.

From modern pop and rock gear to classical orchestral instruments, From high end DJ gear tot rare vintage: Kick APS has it all, kept in mint condition by our in house service technicians.

For tours on the road we can provide custom solutions for the complete backline and stage setup, like we did for techno act Praga Khan and metal band Brides of Lucifer.

Feel free to contact us for further questions. We’re happy to help you out.



  • Kick zoekt crew voor het festicalseizoen
    Profiel (m/v)?
    - je hebt een basiskennis backline
    - je hebt een basiskennis van muziekinstrumenten
    - je hebt zin voor avontuur
    - je bent niet vies om je handen uit de mouwen te steken

    Aanmelden kan op het Kick Starter job infodag-event op Facebook :
  • Job info day
    Job info day
    We are looking for both permanent and summer crew for the festival season. Discover your future job and get to meet our experienced technicians. We'll provide some drinks and a snack in a casual vibe. Don't miss out : register on FB and be there !
  • Vacatures
    Kick APS is looking for motivated co-workers to expand our service.
    Currently we're hiring :

    - Backline technician with broad skills (m/f)
    - DJ technician (m/f)
    - Office manager for planning and rental management (m/v)

    Send your cv to We'll get back to you asap.

    UPDATE : Please join our Job-info-day on sunday April 28th, 2019 : register on the Facebook event :