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Service rather than quantity... is still our main slogan after more than two decades in business.

Being a small business in one of the smallest countries in the world, gives us a unique chance to apply our extensive experience and knowledge. Small and beautiful is what we tend to be, giving us the opportunity for a quality and personal approach.

For every client we create a complete file and personalized quote, no matter how big or small their job is. We work in a field were every situation is unique, so we treat each production as a tailor-made item. The KICK Artistic and Production Solutions ethos is well established. This means that there is a very experienced and innovative professional team at your disposal. Who can offer as much or as little input as is required.


Do you have any idea how much work is done before... that truck arrives at your event ? Does a client ever think of the whole process that has passed before that stage is finally set up? Let me take you through a standard 'JOB' as an example.

That first phone call arrives, where we try to obtain as much information as we can in order to be able to make the first contact with you as effective as possible. We encourage the use of email to augment that process of gathering data..

Obviously we need to know the when and where and also the relevant historic band or production information for crewing and transportation purposes. KICK APS will do all this background research for free!

The list of necessary equipment and services will be examined thoroughly and turned into a quotation. A team of more then 10 experienced technicians, all with specific skills and knowledge in their relevant fields, will combine to offer the best solution for you. This might take a few days, especially in busy periods where we have to reorganize rental stock, crew and transportation to get the best solution.

In the general flow of preparations, it is normal that situations will change, equipment lists are updated and last-minute problems occur. The final quote will be an evolution from the original, but still made with the same expertise and enthusiasm both technically and artistically!

Finally the warehouse prepares the equipment, unique to the specification of that individual. Technicians are given the latest information so that everything can go out on time with no 'stress' - a word we hate so much.

That is why we only use vehicles that are leased for 24 months, not longer. We don't make them, we only drive them and in the last 10 years we haven't missed a single show due to transportation hiccups.

We will always send spares and duplicate amplifiers. Much of the equipment was never designed to go on the road, so you can never tell what that vintage amp might do after a trip in the van. The only way of avoiding problems is to send a spare one too! This has saved our bacon many times in the past and offers your artist a better service with a greater sense of security based on choice of equipment, better service backup and a truly professional service. A musician that feels 'taken care off' can deliver a better performance, a smoother production, a better result. We have always wanted to 'make the difference'.